Cat Island, Bahamas Yoga Retreat

In great need to disconnect from every day life and reconnect your inner yogi? This is the perfect offer for you – a yoga retreat at the beautiful Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island, Bahamas! Tiffany Ingersoll of Wandering Spirit Yoga Travel’s  has teamed up again with Monica Shannon of Open Door Yoga’s

Cat Island is part of the family island of the Bahamas and far from the traditional tourists trail. Enjoy secluded, unspoiled white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters and a slower pace of life. The ideal place to disconnect from the never ending technological buzz of day to day life and focus on taking care of you while enjoying the benefits of doing yoga every day.


Looking for more information on this offer? Feel free to contact us with the form below or by calling at 919-455-5772! We look forward to hearing from you soon.