So you’re considering learning to teach hot yoga, huh? Well, in our opinion, there is nothing more enjoyable or rewarding!

When it comes to the subject of “getting certified” to teach hot yoga, or any style of yoga for that matter, there are a lot of misconceptions, misinformation and misnomers floating around out there. As reputable yoga instructors, it’s important that we set the record straight on this subject so as not to mislead our students and potential teacher training students. The fact is that there is no such thing as a yoga teacher training certification that is issued by or recognized by any yoga or health and fitness-related governing body at this time. Some instructors claim to be certified by The Yoga Alliance. However, The Yoga Alliance themselves, state clearly on their website

The teacher registry is not a certification program but a listing of teachers whose training and teaching experience meet our minimum standards.

So what are the Yoga Alliance Minimum Standards?
200 Hour Teacher Training Programs
300 Hour Teacher Training Programs

Being a member of the Yoga Alliance does not in any way, mean that a yoga teacher or training program is authorized by a governing body to hold or issue formal certifications in a particular style or ANY kind of yoga. It is simply a registry of yoga businesses who have applied and paid the fees to be a part of their program. This entitles businesses to be listed in their registry and have access to their marketing tools, and resources, etc. However, it does NOT entitle them to issue formal Certifications or Credentials. Therefore, any yoga instructor training program claiming to be “certified” may be misleading it’s potential students into thinking they are going to be getting a set of credentials or a document upon completion that designates them as a “Certified” instructor, when in actuality, there is no such thing.

Those things being said, we at Bija Hot Yoga Teacher Training do not make any claims regarding providing certifications to our program graduates. When our our Hot Yoga Teacher Training Programs are complete you will receive a Certificate of Completion which states what level of our unique curriculum you have completed.

While it would be tempting to our wallets and egos to jump on the Yoga Alliance wagon, we feel that it does not serve our core value to “be rather than to seem”. We will forgo the attraction of the masses in order to teach those who really want to be a part of dismantling the illusion. And, perhaps there will one day be a way to recognize schools and teachers that provides true information in regards to their education and competency. Until then, we will remain unattached.